Seeing America Right

4/18/15, 7:17 PM: Sunset in the Mojave, the hills near-purple, then mauve, then a warm almost-grey, then a diffuse physical border against the cloudless sky. We’re listening to mix CDs from our college years; “Here Comes Your Man” just came on (a gem from one of my mixes, dubiously titled “Kate’s Par-tay Mix”), and — as … Continue reading Seeing America Right

Ten Facts About Baseball

Subtitle: Ten insights I gathered during the Giants/As game on April 2, 2015. Most people can catch faster than most people can run. Even still, Angel Pagan hit a home run! Seagulls Sport peppers are pretty spicy — maybe too spicy — if you eat three at once. While Brandon Belt was hitting, I was … Continue reading Ten Facts About Baseball